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Reach & Wash

Reach & Wash

In 2005 new ‘Working At Height Regulations’, related to the use of ladders and other access equipment, came into force. These regulations substantial increased the property owners responsibility to provide a safe environment for windows over 18 feet from the ground.

The Reach & Wash system provides a safe environment for our window cleaners, which in turn reduces or even eliminates the liability of the property owner.

We use the latest Hot Water Reach & Wash system, which uses 100% laboratory graded pure water pumped through telescopic poles to capture the dirt and impurities on your windows and leave them sterile clean!

We can clean, safely, to a height of 60 feet, the equivalent of 4 – 5 floors.

Reach & Wash window cleaning systems have several advantages over more traditional methods.

  • They keep your windows cleaner for longer, thus reducing costs;
  • They are free from harmful chemicals;
  • They don’t leave any sticky soap residue behind;
  • They are more environmentally friendly;
  • They comply with Health and Safety directives and help prevent injuries associated with ladders. Thus, it is by far the safest and most cost effective cleaning system with excellent results.
  • Able to reach previously inaccessible windows;
  • Less intrusion and disturbance to the client;
  • Reduces or eliminates the need and, therefore, the cost of fitting and annual maintenance of eyebolts, ladder ties and hiring access equipment, such as a cherry picker.

Thermal Reach & Wash